GreenIron’s vision is to become the global metals and mining sectors most respected and innovative CO2-free company. By leading our industry´s transformation from a linear to a circular economy.
The vision is connected to our strategy and sets a direction for GreenIron. A challenging goal guided by our higher purpose and core values. The vision expresses what we as a company want to create and achieve together in the long-term.

Higher Purpose

GreenIron’s higher purpose is to act for a CO2-free circular value chain – from ore and metal by-products to metals – in the metals and mining industry. With our cutting-edge technology we are fully prepared to be at the forefront of the transition to circularity, in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

As stated, GreenIron, strive to be a purpose-driven company, which means we envision business as a driving force for good in order to create societal value for the whole world. A force that gives us the power to deliver tangible improvements to human life and the environment.

Core Values

We think big

  • Being open-minded, positive, creative and seeing the big picture creates opportunities.
  • Finding solutions instead of worrying about problems, empowering simplicity that leads to results.
  • Constant desire for improvement, by thinking outside the box, gives us competitive advantages.

We believe in collaboration

  • Supporting each other and encourage personal growth to build a strong corporate culture.
  • Building strong relationships with each other makes us significantly more productive and creative.
  • Prioritizing our job satisfaction creates an environment for valuable ideas within the organisation.
  • Building strategic alliances with stakeholders, who share our vision and values, strengthen us.

We are curious and ambitious

  • Approach each day with curiosity and be passionate about improving our insights and knowledge.
  • Strive to be a learning organisation where we value continuous knowledge sharing and progress.
  • Curiosity is our leading star – always asking questions and searching for answers makes us innovative.
  • Being fast learners gives us competitive advantages and serves as our fuel to reach our vision.

Individually, values may seem obvious. But by putting them together a unique organisational culture is born. In our case, it´s based on great just isn´t good enough. GreenIron´s values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.