Our manifesto

GreenIron´s mission is to contribute to a dramatic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the production of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. This sector accounts for about 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, that now are approaching an unimaginable 60 billion tonnes per year. The reality is that the metals and mining industries have to become climate neutral in the near future, if we are to succeed in limiting levels of global warming to below 2°C.

This is an extremely challenging target to meet. However, it´s no utopia. What we need is a completely fossil-free value chain – from ore to metal, combined with an insight that minerals and metals in many ways are perfect for recycling and core for creating a circular economy.

Without exalting ourselves, we claim that there´s a need for our groundbreaking, patented technology, if our industry is to achieve this goal.

A few words about who we are. GreenIron is a Swedish startup company with an energy-efficient production process for sustainable recycling of iron-based residues, waste and other metal oxides to pure metal and steel. We can process iron ore into pure iron as well and our hydrogen-based technique is 100% carbon dioxide-free.

Hans Murray

Let us tell you the story of how it all began. The inventive metallurgist Hans Murray, founder of GreenIron, is the originator of the unique technology. Under his leadership the process was developed and tested during the late 1960´s and early 1970’s, in a so-called bell furnace at SKF Steel’s plant in Hofors, Sweden. In 1971 the team managed to produce the world’s first product made of fossil free steel. However, at that time we weren´t as aware of climate change as we are today, and the project was unfortunately discontinued.

In 2016, when the Paris Agreement entered into force, we gained new energy. Since then, we have further developed, tested and perfected the technology, with sensationally good results. We have also focused on obtaining necessary patents and building the organization of GreenIron.

Now is the time to industrialize, commercialize and deploy our technology. Our ambition is to provide the world´s metal, mining and manufacturing industries with our scalable, energy efficient and circular solution for recycling of metals to the highest qualities. All this while emitting net zero CO2.

Now we begin our journey towards a CO2-free future with the mission of creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

Our value chain