Members of the Board

Nina Linander

Nina Linander, Chairman

Nina Linander was born in 1959 and holds a Business degree, MSc, from Stockholm School of Business and an MBA from IMD (IMEDE) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Nina Linander is currently Chairman of the Board of AWA Holding AB and Member of the Board of Telia Company AB (publ), Swedavia AB, OneMed Holding AB and Souminen Corp. She has previously held Board positions in, among others, Skanska AB, Specialfastigheter AB and Neste Oil Oyj. She is also founder and, until 2012, partner in Stanton Chase International AB. Prior to that Nina worked as CFO of AB Electrolux (publ) which followed on a number of leading positions within Vattenfall AB.

Tiina Ohlsson

Tiina Ohlsson, Member of the Board

Tiina Ohlsson was born in 1961 and is basically a trained teacher at Dalarna University and further trained in leadership and management. Since the 1990s, Tiina has worked as Head Teacher in Borlänge Municipality, Business Manager, CEO Borlänge & Co, Unit Manager in the Swedish Transport Administration, Regional Manager Region Dalarna.  Tiina currently works for JernkontoretSwedish steel producers association, and the Triple Steelix project, a cluster organization within steel-related activities. A support system that will make the already successful steel industry even stronger through an effective collaboration between business, society and research. The focus is on industrial challenges, supply of skills and resource efficiency. Tiina has experience of board work in various organizations, Triple Steelix, Dalarna University, Borlänge Centrumförening 

Carl-Michael Raihle

Carl-Michael Raihle, Member of the Board

Carl-Michael Raihle was born in 1963 and holds a Metallurgical Engineering degree, MSc, and a PhD in Meterials Processing from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. Carl-Michael is currently the owner and President of Creation AB and Member of the Board of Vidfamne AB. He has previously Held Board positions in Scanacon AB, Northland Resources AS, ABB gymnasiet and Holton Lmtd. Carl-Michael has a long career in the metallurgical and engineering field with leading positions within Ovako, Luvata and Outokumpu.

Edward Murray

Edward Murray, Member of the Board and CEO

Edward was born in 1967 and holds a BSc (Econ) degree from University of Surrey, England and aMBA Stockholm School of Business. Edward has held positions as Global Head of Derivative Support for SEB and COO for financial trading of Energy and Commodities at Vattenfall AB. Edward has worked as a Senior Management Consultant in the Banking sector and as a Business Transformation Manager at Swedbank. Edward has also worked with a previous Swedish Startup Navetti. 


Hans Murray

Hans Murray, born 1934, has an MSc in Metallurgy from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and an MBA from CEI in Geneva, Switzerland (now IMD in Lausanne). Hans has worked at Jernkontoret in Stockholm, and at SKF Headquarters in Gothenburg as Material Development Coordinator and as projectleader at SKF Nova AB. He has further held positions at Stållinefabriken AB, Steeltex AB and ASEA Metallurgy, Västerås, Sweden. Hans is the inventor for two patents for friction bearings and the hydrogen reduction process that is the basis of GreenIron H2 AB.