Our sustainable goals

GreenIron contributes to five UN’s sustainable global goals

In 2015, the world heads of state and government adopted 17 global goals for sustainable development. The goals aim to eradicate poverty and halt climate change to create a fairer, more sustainable and better world.

The 193 UN member states committed themselves to achieve a more sustainable future for all by 2030. This makes Agenda 2030 the most ambitious plan – to create sustainable development – that the world has ever adopted.

For us, its highly motivating to state that GreenIron concretely contributes to achieving the UN’s sustainability development goals 9, 12 and 13 and indirectly to goals 6 and 17.

6. Clean water and sanitation

  • GreenIron’s technology can be used to recycle metal oxides from wastewater.

9. Promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

  • GreenIron’s technology enables fossil-free production of iron and steel, as well as recycling of waste and residuals from both these industries.
  • GreenIron’s innovation also supports expanded use in addition to the steel and iron industries. The technology can also be used for a number of metal oxides, such as nickel, copper and molybdenum.

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • The input materials in GreenIron’s process are residual products and waste from steel mills, foundries, manufacturing industry, mining and from iron ore.
  • GreenIron’s technology enables a local circularity of residual products.
  • GreenIron’s technology enables the recycling of valuable metals from landfills.
GreenIron och FN-målen

13. Combat climate change

  • GreenIron provides a completely CO2-free solution.
  • GreenIron’s technology can use hydrogen from green electricity and blue hydrogen with carbon dioxide capture and storage.
  • GreenIron’s solution is small-scale and thus well suited for local establishment. This reduces the need for external transport, which further reduces CO2 emissions

17. Global partnerships for the goals

  • GreenIron’s technology requires a low capital investment. This makes the solution affordable which enables a rapid global expansion.
  • GreenIron’s technology reduces landfills from both the steel and iron industry as well as mining, which helps to improve local environments.