Presentation of the GreenIron technology at the ”The Brazil-Sweden Innovation Days” in Stockholm

Following a presentation of GreenIrons technology at the ”The Brazil-Sweden Innovation Days” in Stockholm in October 2019, GreenIron was invited to participate in a mine tailings cleanup project in Brazil. The project is focused on extracting hematite from hazardous mine tailings 

Together with RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) GreenIron has initiated a project with Institutio SENEI (Brazil) with the focus on evaluating the GreenIron process to extract pure iron from environmentally harmful mine tailings. The project will include an initiative of producing hydrogen for the GreenIron process from Biomass. In addition to the eradication of harmful mine tailings the GreenIron process will extract the valuable commodity iron with negative CO2 emmissions . 

GreenIron has also initiated a co-operation with Recupera, a Brazilian company, that has a unique process to produce hydrogen from non-recyclable plastics and rubber. The Recupera process is very energy efficient. A plant with a GreenIron furnace and a Recupera hydrogen production plant would together produce iron from iron oxide with an energy consumption 80% lower than compared to using hydrogen produced by electrolysis. The expected total energy usage to reduce one ton of hematite inclusive of hydrogen production would be less than 400kWh.