GreenIrons customers


Steelplants - recycling of waste from steel production

The GreenIron process is designed to allow steel plants to extract the pure metals from waste products such as oxidized scale and dust at site. The output material can then be re-introduced into the steelmaking process.


Foundries – Fossil free sourcing

Foundries that use fossil based iron as a part of its process can shift to fossil free iron by using the GreenIron system and process. The reduced iron pellets can be used directly in the foundry as a fossil free, zero carbon iron. Alternatively, GreenIron offers a patented add-on process through which carbon is added to the iron to facilitate the melting of the iron in the foundry. This carbon is added through an emission free process in which the only biproduct is hydrogen. The hydrogen is captured by the GreenIron system and can then be used to reduce the next batch of iron pellets. Thereby the production cost of producing fossil free iron is reduced further with a subsequent increase in profitability. This added circular economy is part of the GreenIron mission of achieving sustainability with profitability!


Producers of specialised materials - achieving zero CO2 footprint

The GreenIron process is ideal for producers of specialised materials based on e.g. Iron that desire a zero CO2 footprint in their product. The output from the process will be purely reduced iron pellets suitable for further processing.


Manufacturing - recycling of waste

The GreenIron process offers a solution for manufacturers with grinding swarf and residue to recapture the pure metal from the grinding swarf. The output of the process can be resold to steel plants or on the commodity market.


Recycling of mine waste/tailings and slag

The GreenIron process is very suitable for recapturing valuable commodities from problematic waste such as iron rich mine tailings, roasted pyrite and slag. Roasted pyrite is a residual product from copper mining and the production of sulphuric acid. The GreenIron process will reduce the iron to a pure iron material. If there is Lead or Zinc in the material this will be separated by the process. By introducing the GreenIron solution the amount of waste that needs to be put into deposit can be reduced substantially.

GreenIron will positively contribute in cleaning air, soil and water while increasing the profitability of recycling activities.