Value proposition

High profitability

  • Very low capital requirement
  • Very fast payback time on investment
  • Short project delivery time
  • Energy effective with low operational cost 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Highly automated solution possible 
  • All inputs are consumed or can be reused 
  • No exposure or costs related to emission rights
  • Financial markets will increasingly benefit sustainable corporations


  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Only water and reduced metal as output
  • GreenIrons process is energy efficient 
  • Enables efficient recycling of waste and residual products such as oxidized scale and grinding swarf 
  • Allows for sustainable production of iron as a substitute for scrap in steelmaking and pig iron for foundries
  • Support a drastic reduction of waste in landfills while recapturing valuable commodities 
  •  The smallscale solution allows for locally placed furnacesthus reducing the need for transportation
  • With our sustainable hydrogen partners the GreenIron solution can be CO2 negative and the energy cost can be cut by ca 80% 


  • Small scale
  • Modular and infinitely scalable 
  • Flexible with regard to input materials
  • Flexible with regard to volume to be processed per cycle  
  • GreenIron’s solution can be tailor made on site 
  • Can produce unique metal compositions in variable amounts with ease 
  • Multiple methods to produce hydrogen creates flexibility with regard to local conditions and energy needed (e.g. electrolysis, biomass or plastics/rubber as hydrogen base)  

The optimal fossil-free solution to recapture valuable commodities from residues and waste from the mining- , steel and manufacturing industry.