GreenIron has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

March 28, 2023

After a rigorous evaluation by external independent experts GreenIron has been awarded the prestigious Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

GreenIron´s CEO, Edward Murray, says: “We are honored that the Solar Impulse Foundation, whose purpose is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy, has acknowledged our climate friendly solution for a cleaner world”.

We guess it was our environmental benefits that spoke in our favor:

  • To reduce one ton iron ore only consumes 37 kg hydrogen as the residual gas is used in the next batch.
  • The total energy consumption for GreenIrons’ furnace is less than 2/3 compared with a blast furnace.
  • Usage of batch processes run 24/7; every batch can be different, which adds flexibility in handling materials.
  • Every furnace can reduce CO2-emissions by at least 54 000-90 000 tons CO2eq per year.
  • If GreenIron’s technique was used to recycle annual flow of oxidised scales and filter dust, all iron mines in Europe
    and North America could be closed.
  • 300 furnaces corresponds to 35 percent of Sweden’s total annual emissions during a year.

The founder of Solar Impulse Foundation, Bertrand Piccard, has made history by completing two round-the-world flights: non-stop in a balloon and more recently without any fuel in the Solar Impulse airplane.

The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to identify clean, efficient and profitable solutions in order to accelerate their implementation and the transition to a sustainable economy. Thanks to the awarding of a label with high standards of sustainability and profitability, the Foundation can support political and economic decision-makers in their efforts to achieve their environmental targets and encourage them to adopt more ambitious energy regulations, necessary for implementation at large-scale of these solutions on the market.