GreenIron. One of Swedens most innovative start-up companies

August 31, 2023

If you are hoping for a future, fossil-free metal production from waste in the metals and mining industry, we ask for your attention.

According to StartUp 4 Climate – one of Europe’s biggest innovation challenges founded by GodEl och Ellevio – GreenIron is one of a number of Swedish start-up companies that use innovative technology to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

It will take you less than a minute to register a vote on GreenIron, which hopefully contributes to us winning a spot on the finalist shortlist at the Grand Finale Nov 15th.


What’s in it for the founders GodEl & Ellevio?

As two of the Swedish energy market’s most well-known actors, these two companies have a great responsibility in shaping the future of the energy-sector. They want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy-system, but can’t do it alone.

Innovation and wide-spread engagement are key aspects for curbing the global climate crisis. Therefore GodEl and Ellevio want to catalyse more actors and contribute to initiatives that can enable the companies common goals for a sustainable future.

Some quick facts about GreenIron

We have developed an energy efficient, hydrogen-based technique transforming a number of different metal oxides into pure metals. In addition to significantly reducing the need for mining, every ton steel/iron that is produced by one GreenIron furnace instead of a blast furnace, can result in a 2 ton CO₂-emission reduction. Just one GreenIron furnace will eliminate 56,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions/year, which is equivalent to 80,000 round trip flights Stockholm-New York.