GreenIron presented circularity project HANS at the Metallic Materials conference

March 19, 2024

On 13-14th of March, the annual program conference of Metallic Materials was held in Stockholm, Sweden.The conference brings together representatives from the industry, academia and government agencies to discuss the field of metallic materials and the Strategic Innovation programme.

“It was thrilling to hear about the start of the programmes within Impact Innovation, especially Metallic Materials and Net Zero Industry. The steel and foundry industry must   work on utilising the by-products generated. Many of the presentations held focused on just that – circularity, sustainability, and resource utilisation. It is a significant difference comparing this year’s presentations, to those presented at Metallic Materials just five years ago, says Jan Boberg”, Creative Product Director at GreenIron.

Together with RISE, Research Institute of Sweden, GreenIron’s Jan Boberg, presented project HANS – a project that evaluates methods to recirculate residual products generated in foundry environments such as mill scale, filter dust and slag. Together the residuals represent approximately 5 % of material losses in foundries as well as steel plants. To find methods to recycle such volumes will have a great impact on resource efficiency and reduction of CO2-emissions. GreenIron’s process is key to this approach, where the goal is to generate results that enable the foundry industry to take further steps towards more sustainable manufacturing.

“We had two good days of inspiring presentations and networking. It was great to see that sustainability is a common factor for many projects and collaborations”, says Linda Ahl, CTO at GreenIron.

About The strategic innovation programme
The strategic innovation program Metallic Materials aims to realise the strategic research and innovation agenda National assembly on Metallic materials. The program is part of Vinnova’s, the Swedish Energy Agency’s and Forma’s investment in strategic innovation programs, and brings together Sweden’s metal industries: steel, aluminium, cemented carbide, cast steel, cast iron and cast non-ferrous metals.