GreenIron took part in the panel debate “Which Effect Creates Effect”?

May 27, 2023

During the week, Ulrika Molander, GreenIron’s COO, took part in a panel debate with the title “Which effect creates effect?”, which was about the industry’s need, in the Dalarna and Gävleborg regions, to rapidly increase the production of fossil-free energy to succeed in a sustainable transition.

Ulrika told, among other things, about GreenIron’s need for fossil-free energy for future establishments, about GreenIron’s environmental benefit per kWh and the importance of a fruitful collaboration between business and politics in the energy issue, both in the short and long term, in order to jointly arrive at fast, green solutions. Ulrika also pointed out that the stark reality is that GreeenIron’s future establishments will land where the supply of energy is available.

Participants in the debate were, apart from Ulrika:

Göran Arnell, municipal director Gävle municipality

Catherine Lillo, Regional Manager, Energy Companies

Ulrika Liljeberg, Member of Parliament

Ann-Helen Persson, Public Relations Svea Vind Offshore

The debate was part of the conference “Energy and competence for a stronger region” which was held in a packed concert hall in Gävle and was organised by the Mellansvenska Handelskammaren.