About us

GreenIron is a Swedish company focused on cost efficient fossil free reduction of metal oxides to pure metals. The process is pellet based. 

The inventor of GreenIron’s groundbreaking technology and founder of GreenIron, Hans Murray, commenced his research into recycling of secondary materials containing steel and iron at the end of the 1960’s. The process was developed and tested in a laboratory environment over a period of 3 years. As the process was perfected a production furnace was constructed at the SKF Steel plant in Hofors, Sweden. The furnace was successfully operated over a 6month period using cold formed pellets. Since environmental issues were not prioritized at the time there was not enough interest to start using this new and innovative technology despite of the successful testing results. Today CO2 emissions and the benefits of recycling are very much central and GreenIron’s technology will become central to all industry participants that want to obtain a sustainable production cycle. In addition, the cost effectiveness of the GreenIron process will allow our customers to increase their profitability while becoming more sustainable.

The GreenIron solution will deliver value to our industrial clients, as well as society, based on its sustainability and low investment- and operational cost.

GreenIron has since 2016 worked on updating the process and technology with regard to the technical advancements since the 1970’s and improved it from an energy efficiency and maintenance perspective. In december 2019, the Swedish Patent and Registration office granted GreenIron its first patent for the groundbreaking technique. Presently GreenIron holds three patents for the system and process solution for reducing metal oxides, and one patent for carbonization of fossil free iron.

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