Hans Murray

Hans Murray has a MSc in Mining and Engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MBA from CEI in Geneva (now IMD in Lausanne). Hans has worked at Jernkontoret in Stockholm, SKF’s head office in Gothenburg as Material Development Coordinator and has also been a project manager at SKF Nova. In addition, Hans has worked at Stållinefabriken, Steeltex and at ASEA Metallurgy in Västerås. Hans is the author of patents on friction bearings as well as the reduction processes that form the basis for GreenIron fossilfree technology.

Bo Björkman

Bo Björkman is a professor of Process Metallurgy at Luleå University of Technology. Bo has a PhD i [from Umeå University and has been active at Boliden and Rönnskärsverken. Bo has broad experience and a large research network in iron and steel production and base metals. Recycling and use of residual products is a priority area and also close collaborations with the mineral, mining, cement, and recycling industries.

Göran Carlsson

Göran Carlsson has an MSc in Mining and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Göran is chairman of the board of Partnerinvest Övre Norrland, , as well as a board member of Luleå Hamn.. Göran has previously been a member of the Jernkontorets (The Swedish steel industry’s industry organization) council. Göran has a career in the steel industry behind him and has, among other things, been the CEO of MEFOS, Swereaand SSAB Tunnplåt and head of SSAB’s production of raw steel.. In addition, he is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and has been an adjunct professor of metallurgy at Luleå University of Technology.

Peter Gossas

Peter Gossas has an MSc degree in Applied Physics from the Uppsala University. Peter has held several executive positions in the steel industry. Among others he has been the President of Sandvik Materials Technology, Divisional Manager in Outokumpu, and held various managerial positions within SSAB. In addition, Peter has been chairman of the board in several international companies. Peter will bring important expertise in process and product knowledge. Peter has long experience of investment projects in the process industry (including special metals, stainless and carbon steel, and maintenance).

Carl-Michael Raihle

Carl-Michael Raihle has an MSc in Mining and Engineering and a PhD in Materials Processing from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Carl-Michael is currently the owner and President of Creation AB and Member of the Board of Vidfamne AB. Carl-Michael has previously held board positions in Scanacon AB, Northland Resources AS, ABB gymnasiet, and Holton Ltd. Carl-Michael has a long career in the metallurgical and engineering field with leading positions within Ovako, Luvata and Outokumpu.

Jan Boberg

Jan Boberg has a MSc degree in material science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Jan has long industrial experience from the steel industry where he has held different roles within Avesta-Sheffield. In addition, he has been global marketing manager for Long Products at Degerfors Stainless. Within Outokumpu’s pipe operations , Jan has been active as asubsidiary manager, and a member of the management. Over the years, several of the assignements have been in B2B, EPC projects, Oil & Gas, and in various segments of desalination plants, which has entailed many international business contacts.