GreenIron´s unique technology was born 50 years ago

Co-founder Hans Murray is the originator of GreenIrons innovative technology. Hans commenced his research into recycling of secondary materials, containing steel and iron, at the end of the ´60s and early ´70s. Under his leadership the process was developed and tested in a laboratory environment over a period of three years. As the process was perfected, a production furnace was constructed at the SKF Steel plant in Hofors, Sweden. The furnace was successfully operated over a six-month period using cold formed pellets.

Hans Murray

In 1971 the team managed to produce the world’s first product made of fossil free steel. However, since environmental issues were not a priority at the time there was not enough interest to start using this new and environmentally friendly technology despite of the successful testing results. Today CO2-emissions and the benefits of recycling and circularity are very much in focus and GreenIron’s technology will be central for metal producers that strive for a sustainable production cycle.

In 2016, when the Paris agreement came into effect, we gained new energy and inspiration to further update the GreenIron process with regards to the technical advancements since the 1970’s. Since then, we have focused on improving our technology, especially from an energy efficiency and maintenance perspective. In 2019 the Swedish Intellectual Property Office granted GreenIron its first patent for the groundbreaking and unique technology. Presently GreenIron holds six patents covering system and process solutions for fossil-free reduction of metal oxides.

In December 2021 GreenIron carried out a new share issue of 10 MEUR with FAM and Almi Invest GreenTech Fund as anchor investors. The group of owners, with a broad industrial and international experience, became the start to industrialize, commercialize and deploy our technology.