Information in Swedish about GreenIron’s
establishment in Sandviken.

Our green production begins in the Swedish Sandviken

After a few years of successful testing, we are ready to industrialise GreenIron’s hydrogen-based technology, for fossil-free and energy-efficient recycling of metals and minerals. A technique that also enables the processing of raw materials, such as iron ore.

We are now planning for our first full-scale production facility, in the Sandviken Industrial Park, located approximately 160 kilometers north of Stockholm. It will be the first, concrete step towards fulfilling our vision:

To become the global metals and mining sectors´s most respected and innovative CO2-free company. By leading our industry´s transformation from a linear to a circular economy.

We are aware that it is a challenging goal, but one that we are fully committed to achieving, thanks to our cutting-edge technology being both modular and scalable. Our belief in being able to contribute to a greener world is based on the fact that one GreenIron-furnace is expected to eliminate at least 56,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions per year.

In 2024 we will start delivering CO2-free materials

The start of construction is planned for the winter of 2023/2024, and the plan is for the facility to be put into operation already in 2024. Now we have homework to do: In September this year, we submitted an application for a permit for the construction and operation of a reduction furnace to the Land and environmental court. But before that, we had a dialogue with various stakeholders about the location, scope and design of the operation, as well as what consequences the operation is expected to have for the local environment in Sandviken.

In order for us to be able to scale up our technology globally, it is our sincere hope that the application is processed as quickly as possible. With our technology we are fully prepared to be at the forefront of our industry´s transition to circularity, in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.