One GreenIron furnace eliminates at least 56 000 tonnes* of CO2-emissions per year

To put these figures into perspective, we present some examples of corresponding emissions recognizable from our daily lives.

Approximately 80 000 round trip flights Stockholm-New York

One journey for one person corresponds to 710 kg of CO2 [1, 2]. This varies depending on aircraft type and airline.

The annual emission from 20 000 passenger vehicles driven on gasoline

The annual consumption for a Volvo V70 (standard size vehicle) vehicle is 2.8 tonnes CO2, assuming an annual driving distance of 12 000 km (230 g CO2/km) [3, 4].

* We compare the CO2 emissions from reduction using carbon in blast furnaces, which ranges from 1.8 to 3.0 tonnes CO2 per tonne iron [5]. The annual production of one furnace is 28 000 tonnes direct reduced iron without CO2 emissions. For ease of calculation and targeting the more efficient blast furnaces, we therefore calculate with 2 tonnes CO2 per tonne direct reduced iron, resulting in 56 000 tonnes CO2 from a traditional blast furnace. Our furnace has no CO2 emissions.


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