One GreenIron furnace eliminates 56,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions per year

To understand the climate benefit with our CO2-free technology, we compare ourselves with the emissions of carbon dioxide from the most efficient blast furnaces, which emit approx. 2 tonnes of CO2* per tonne of produced iron. We estimate that the annual production in a GreenIron furnace will be approx. 28,000 tonnes of direct reduced iron. It therefore means that one furnace eliminates at least 56,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions per year. We are enabled to do so because of our usage of fossil-free hydrogen as reducing agent, whereby water becomes the only by-product instead of carbon dioxide.

To put the emissions of 56,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into perspective, we present two examples of corresponding emissions recognisable from our daily lives.

80,000 round trip flights Stockholm-New York

A round trip for one person corresponds to 710 kg of CO2**. This varies depending on aircraft type and airline.

The annual emissions from 20,000 passenger vehicles that runs on petrol

The annual emissions for a Volvo V70 (standard size vehicle) is 2.8 tonnes CO2, assuming an annual driving distance of 12,000 km (230 g CO2/km)***.


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