Through research, we are building bridges to the green transition.

Linda Ahl

Linda Ahl, with a long career in research and development, both in the academic world and in Swedish industry, has joined GreenIron as CTO. With her help, the company is leading a green revolution in the global metals and mining industry. This is achieved by developing a CO2-free technology that can produce clean metals efficiently and profitably, reflecting her lifelong commitment to sustainability.
I immediately saw the possibilities with GreenIron's technology

Jan Boberg

Jan Boberg is Creative Product Director at GreenIron, which fits him like a glove. The combination of a long and broad experience from the industry with an open mind, lack of prestige and curiosity, means that he is passionate about being involved in the company's continued journey. Jan is today just as convinced of the greatness of GreenIron's technology as he was three years ago, when he was first introduced to GreenIron.
In 20 years, we marvel at how GreenIron's revolutionary technology has increased the circularity of our industry

Ulrika Molander

On paper, Ulrika Molander is the COO of GreenIron, but as the team is still small, her responsibilities are broad with everyone chipping in where needed. In her role, Ulrika oversees the operation of GreenIron’s facilities, which involves managing, measuring, monitoring, and streamlining production, alongside the organisation that’s being developed. Additionally, Ulrika is in charge of supply chain management, ensuring synchronised flows into and out of the factories, linked to procurement, planning, logistics, etc.
I believe that I can best contribute to combating climate change by working on what I am most passionate about.

Maciej Kaplan

Process Engineer

Maciej Kaplan grew up in the picturesque Sollentuna, just north of Stockholm. Among the Kaplan family’s favourite activities were skiing experiences in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains during the winters and sailing holidays in the Stockholm archipelago during the summers. Otherwise, Maciej’s childhood was very much about sailing dinghies and playing table tennis, computer games, as well as trying out various musical instruments.
It feels very inspiring to be involved in the development of GreenIron's groundbreaking technology.

Daniel Finnson

As Project Director, Daniel Finnson is focused on streamlining GreenIron's processes with operational responsibility to ensure that things happen. This includes developing the company's hardware; from design to commissioning of furnaces and heat exchangers.
My driving force is to help pave the way for a circular paradigm in the metal and mining industry, supported by GreenIron's unique technology for CO2-free reduction of various metals. It feels very engaging to work on the front line for the future, global company GreenIron.

Tanja Ilic


I have had the privilege of working for industry-leading companies that focus on sustainable development. At GreenIron I can make a real difference. Our disruptive technology has all the prerequisites to increase the industry's circularity and lower the global CO2-footprint.

Jonas Christofersson