I believe that I can best contribute to combating climate change by working in the areas of knowledge I have the most passion for. For me, it's about my fascination with metals, hydrogen and energy efficiency.

Maciej Kaplan

Process Engineer

A rapid development of innovative, green technology in the metal industry is a must if we are to become climate neutral. I’m so proud being part of this team and GreenIron´s entrepreneurial journey.

Ulrika Molander


I was attracted by GreenIron's unique technology and higher purpose. It feels very inspiring to be part of a solution to radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the metal and mining industry.

Daniel Finnson

Project Director

My driving force is to help pave the way for a circular paradigm in the metal and mining industry, supported by GreenIron's unique technology for CO2-free reduction of various metals. It feels very engaging to work on the front line for the future, global company GreenIron.

Tanja Ilic


I have had the privilege of working for industry-leading companies that focus on sustainable development. At GreenIron I can make a real difference. Our disruptive technology has all the prerequisites to increase the industry's circularity and lower the global CO2-footprint.

Jonas Christofersson