An analysis of the properties of GreenIron’s fossil-free iron

June 27, 2022

In recent days, we have passed another of many milestones towards creating a fossil-free value chain – from the extraction of ore to the production of cast iron, steel and various metals.

We have analyzed how fossil-free iron, reduced in GreenIron’s test furnace, appears in molten form and when it has solidified into iron ingots. Does it have good enough properties to produce high-quality iron foundry products? We can already reveal that our day trip to Jönköping University met our high expectations.

At GreenIron, we feel great gratitude for being involved in the mining and steel industry’s absolutely necessary transformation, from a linear production technology to becoming more resource efficient and circular. We have a strong focus on finding new, unexplored paths in technology development, with the drive to contribute to sustainable development and create long-term societal value.

We would like to thank Volvo Group for their commitment to developing the foundry process towards fossil-free and one of the world’s largest mining companies, Brazilian Vale, for the supply of iron ore. Finally, we would like to praise Jönköping University – for excellent hospitality and use of their equipment for this interesting test.