GreenIron in Hydrogen Summit panel discussion in Stockholm

May 17, 2024

On Monday, GreenIron participated in a panel discussion at the Hydrogen Summit in Stockholm. The summit, hosted by Ny Teknik Education and moderated by Heléne Wittesjö, aimed to cover the entire hydrogen value chain and emphasized the need for collaboration between industries, companies, and various segments of the value chain.

GreenIron’s COO, Ulrika Molander, took part in a panel discussion titled “What Does the Future Value Chain of the Hydrogen Industry Look Like?”

– It was a really well organised event and rewarding to listen to representatives and stakeholders from the entire value chain, said Ulrika Molander, COO at GreenIron.

Discussions during the day also focused on the necessity for predictability in the permit processes and the challenges in finding hydrogen skills and the need for hydrogen education. It was beneficial that participants and presenters came from diverse backgrounds, representing the whole value chain, including government representatives, producers, and distributors.

– During the day, it was also clear that we have a big responsibility together to educate the public on the benefits of hydrogen and how hydrogen can positively impact society, said Ulrika Molander.