Avesta municipality is waiting for a notification from GreenIron

May 9, 2022

Avesta Tidning has published a follow-up article after a meeting between GreenIron and the municipal management in Avesta at the end of last year. They are now looking forward with excitement to find out whether the municipality will get GreenIron’s first production facility for green steel.

For a few months now, GreenIron has had full focus on the establishment of their first full-scale production facility. The target is to come back to Bergslagen, where GreenIron produced the world’s first fossil-free steel in a test furnace already 50 years ago. “To be able to contribute to Bergslagen being first in the world with circular, fossil-free steel production would be absolutely fantastic.”, Says Edward Murray, CEO of GreenIron.

“Last winter we visited Avesta, where we had an inspiring meeting with parts of the municipal management. Since then, we have made several visits to municipalities in Bergslagen”, says Edward Murray.

The goal is that the first tonnage of fossil-free iron or steel leaves GreenIron’s production facility, somewhere in Bergslagen, already in the autumn of 2023.