GreenIron and Rio Tinto to trial development of CO2-free iron from Pilbara ore

July 27, 2023

GreenIron and Rio Tinto have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the development of CO2free metals from Pilbara iron ore.

GreenIron is a fast-growing Swedish private limited company with a patented and proven technology for reducing metal oxides to metals – with the target of providing a solution for CO2 emission reduction and circular resource efficiency. Its ground-breaking technology is completely hydrogen-based with water as the only residual product. The process is suitable for the extraction of metals from ore. A GreenIron furnace is expected to materially reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to a blast furnace.

The MoU includes testing Rio Tinto iron ores through the second half of 2023 within GreenIron’s operating pilot facility in Sweden. The GreenIron technology comprises a novel approach to using hydrogen to reduce iron ore into metal. Upon successful test results GreenIron and Rio Tinto will jointly assess subsequent developments utilising GreenIron’s technology with Rio Tinto iron ores.

GreenIron have commenced planning for a production facility with construction starting 2024 with the facility located in the Sandviken Industrial Park located 160 km north of Stockholm, Sweden.

“This MoU aims to address one of the biggest challenges faced by the industry – developing a low-carbon pathway for low-to-medium grade iron ores, which account for the vast majority of global iron ore supply” says Simon Farry, Rio Tinto Head of Steel Decarbonisation.

“It is satisfying that we will commence our first trials of Pilbara Iron Ore with GreenIron’s technology as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of our process on the Pilbara iron ore and thereby contribute to the steel industry’s mission to lower its carbon footprint” says Edward Murray, CEO at GreenIron.

About Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto operates in 35 countries where its 54,000 employees are working to find better ways to provide the materials the world needs. Rio Tinto’s portfolio includes iron ore, copper, aluminium, lithium and other materials needed for people, communities and nations to grow and prosper, and for the world to cut carbon emissions to net zero.

About GreenIron:

GreenIron H2 AB is a Swedish, private limited company with a patented and proven, energy-efficient technology for reducing metal oxides to pure metals. The process is suitable for the extraction of metals from ore, residues and waste. The technology is hydrogen-based and thus the only residual product is water. In connection with steel mills, GreenIron’s process can fossil-free convert residual products, such as slag, into usable iron and metal raw materials. Within the mining industry there are also residual products and by-flows, which in the same way can be converted fossil-free into raw materials for smelting directly in steel mills. GreenIron has a strong CO2-minimizing focus and strives to shape circular business cycles and increased resource efficiency. For more information visit, email or +46-8-55 66 60 60.


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