GreenIron and Statkraft in future hydrogen cooperation

September 19, 2022

Today we begin a close collaboration with Statkraft – Europe’s leading supplier of renewable energy to the power-intensive industry…

It is great to have the long-term production, delivery and storage of green hydrogen secured, in connection with our future locations, near and far. An absolutely essential piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for us, to be able to fulfill our goal of delivering 300 GreenIron furnaces by 2027/2028 at the latest.

For us, Norwegian Statkraft is the optimal partner. We fully support the global company’s challenging vision of a future, sustainable world where all industries, companies and homes are powered by renewable energy. Not entirely surprising, as we at GreenIron are driven by creating a completely fossil-free value chain – the production of iron and other metals from ore, waste or residuals. With a focus on resource- and energy-efficient recycling of minerals and metals, with the ambition to increase circularity within the mining and steel industry.

We at GreenIron could hardly have wished for a better start to the week. With our strong belief in “A fossil-free process, from ore and waste to metals, into a circular world”.

For further details on the collaboration, see the press release.