GreenIron first in the world to produce fossil-free metals on a commercial scale

February 14, 2023
We at GreenIron are very pleased to have a tenant agreement in place with Alleima, in Sandvikens Industripark, Sandviken, Sweden. It will enable us to fulfill one of our most important goals in 2023: to commercialize our disruptive CO2-free technology.

The start of production is dependent on GreenIron receiving an environmental permit, but we obviously hope that our emission-free technology will enable a smooth permit process. It is thus the starting point for us to live up to our higher purpose; to act for a CO2-free circular value chain in the metals and mining industry

This is a unique and big step forward for us to be able to contribute to achieving the UNDP 9, 12 and 13 goals and indirectly to goals 6 and 17. Furthermore to fulfill our vision: “To become the global metals and mining sectors´s most respected and innovative CO2-free company, by leading our industry´s transformation from a linear to a circular economy”. This is what we as a company long to create and achieve together in the long-term, in an industry that accounts for no less than 7% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

There are several factors that make Sandviken an attractive choice, one of them is the support Sandviken municipality and Region Gävleborg offer for industrial development that promotes future fossil-free energy supply and innovations in the area.

Some hard facts about GreenIrons technology: fossil-free hydrogen is reducing agent, which means water becomes the only by-product. Residuals are often considered as waste in our industry, but we can recycle these valuable commodities. The technology also allows processing of metal oxides into pure metals. Energy effective, mainly because it requires minimal consumption of hydrogen. Scalable production process, which means we can adapt the capacity to our customers’ needs. One furnace is expected to reduce CO2-emissions by approx. 56,000 tons/year.