GreenIron is once again getting attention in the Swedish business press.

May 17, 2022

The article, published in Sweden´s largest and most respected business magazine, states among other things, that our goal of delivering 300 furnaces within six years is equal to the production of 8 million tonnes of pig iron.

A staggering figure if you consider that Sweden’s production of crude steel amounted to 4.7 million tonnes in 2021. But, for us, it´s more relevant to count the reduced amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to our 100 percent carbon dioxide-free technology, our goal entails a reduction in emissions of just under 17 million tonnes per year. This corresponds with a broad margin to the emissions from domestic transport (15 million tonnes in 2021) or 1/3 of Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions. A long-awaited goal that generates both commitment and focus for us at GreenIron.