Tanja Ilic gets the important role of GreenIron’s CCO

August 30, 2022

It´s with great satisfaction that we can announce that @GreenIron’s ever-growing team is now being expanded with @Tanja Ilic. As our CCO, Tanja takes on a very important role,

with responsibility for overseeing GreenIron’s goals and that all our commercial strategies are implemented and realised. This is to ensure that we can deliver our pledge with regard to client value, circular business models and our promise of positive impact for the climate.

In the careful selection process, we were captivated by Tanja’s leadership qualities and her analytical, tactical, and strategic skills, which has constantly meant delivery of results

and organizational improvements throughout her professional career. Furthermore, we perceive Tanja as a solution-oriented person with high ambitions, who constantly strives for business challenges and achieve results.

Here are some hard facts – that speaks for itself – from Tanja’s impressive and extensive CV: CEO at Nanol Technologies Oy, SVP-sales, Nordpool ASA, VP-sales, Nasdaq OMX among other leading roles.

And last but not least – Tanja is gifted with a humble personality and who thrive best under hard and tough situations. What more could we at GreenIron wish for, with our mission to create a completely fossil-free value chain, from ore and waste to metals, into a circular world.

A warm welcome to GreenIron!