These days we have passed a milestone

October 23, 2022

Now we can proudly announce that @GreenIron has contributed to a world-unique technology shift within our emission-intensive industry. The other day we supplied fossil-free iron to the casting of a product detail in a 3D-printed sand mould for @Volvo Trucks’ future fleet of electric vehicles. It clearly shows that there´s a great need for our ground-breaking, patented and energy-efficient production process to reduce iron ore to pure iron. And also for the sustainable recycling of iron-based residues, waste and other metal oxides into pure metals and steel.

The mining and steel industry accounts for as much as 8 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases. And to reduce our emissions, we need to create a completely fossil-free value chain – from the extraction of ore to the production of steel and various metals.

This green technology shift would not have been possible without a fruitful collaboration between GreenIron, Volvo Trucks and Jönköping University. Many thanks Vale for delivery of iron ore.  At GreenIron, we strongly believe in cooperation between companies, between academia and industry, between politics and companies, within and between different industries, between countries and between regions.

Many thanks Vale for delivery of iron ore.

More Circularity. Less Mining.