TripleS in cooperation with GreenIron

September 29, 2020

GreenIron has invited tripleS to participate in a project with the target defining a complete delivery of a hydrogen based plant for reduction of iron & metallic oxides. The targeted delivery will utilise the groundbreaking, hydrogen based, technology that GreenIron is bringing to the market together with tripleS solid experience of engineering and project management in the European Steel industry.

The delivery of the project will be a full scope of delivery for a complete GreenIron Technology plant and will define select suppliers of furnaces, pelletizers and plant structure. This outcome will make it very clear to all GreenIron clients all that is required to set up the CO2 free process at their desired location. The project will enable choices of automation levels for clients and bring full understanding of

  • Investment requirements
  • Operational conditions
  • Staffing requirements
  • Service intervals

The core of the delivery will be based on GreenIrons patented system- and process solution for fossil free reduction of iron ore, oxidised scale, dust from steel production and iron/steel based grinding swarf from manufacturing industry.

The project will conclude during Q4 2020.